For this collection Ceyda aimed to introduce different ways to merge raw materials with manufactured crystal elements, challenging preconceived notions of traditional jewellery. She chose to recover silver birch, re-annotated the wood and transformed it into a new hinged structure adorned with crystals.

“Inspirational Designer’s, such as Michael Beitz and Thomas Heatherwick, influenced key concepts of my design. Beitz’s idea of reconstructing stiff objects into collapsable pieces is evident in ‘The Hinged Tree.’ Heatherwick’s challenge of formatting a flat plane of wood into furniture through the introduction of angled hinges is shown in ‘Plank.’ I chose to combine these two approaches to form my collection which consists of several neck pieces, a bracelet and a ring.”

“I chose to demonstrate specific concepts of movement within rigid objects in two ways: firstly by installing hinges to create tangible flexibility in all pieces, and secondly by creating the impression of the fluidity of tree sap with Swarovski Elements in a few. Furthermore, I endeavoured to accentuate the contours of the human form through folds, twists and curves of the birch.”

Although the scale and type of material used gives the impression of bulk and weight, in fact the pieces are lightweight and functional. Each piece is a variation of the other consisting of at least one hinge.

“I believe these pieces are suited to displays as ornamental wall hangings or worn by those who are environmentally aware, thus being exhibited both on and off the body. The message conveyed within my collection is that pieces scaled down from large raw materials cannot only be worn but when fused with synthetic resources, a unique entity is created; a paradox.”

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